The Little B Gallery


Things by me. Enjoy.

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empty bottle | acrylic blue chair | acrylic convict | charcoal & watercolor frida k | pencil mitch | chalk pastel old man | pencil power lines | charcoal wedding shoes | acrylic work shoes | acrylic self-portrait | chalk pastel


red glass earrings carnelian earrings pearl & iolite necklace freshwater pearl earrings carnelian hoop earrings green glass earrings freshwater pearl earrings chandelier earrings pink pearl earrings


bugorama said...

oooh. i like them lots.

Crescendo said...

Good works !
Happy New Year !

trypto said...

I really enjoy the painting of the blue chair. At first glance, it's just a pleasant little chair that says, "Come sit in me!" But after I look at it for a while, I realize there is something sinister about the blood red background and how the shadow reaches out toward the viewer like long grasping fingers. The chair still says "Come sit in me!" but in a creepy, seductive voice. It makes me wonder what happened to the previous occupant.

Perhaps that is not what you were going for.

Thea said...

Remarkable. That's exactly what I was going for. (Not really, but from now on, that's what I'm saying if anybody asks...)

Sonja said...

i love the drawing of the old man... your work is very good